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Alitu removes the tech, taking care of Processing, Editing & Publishing Your Podcast.

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Our automated features make Podcasting easier than ever before

Clean up audio

We always do a bit of processing and polishing to make sure your recordings sound great.

Add your branding

We’ll add your theme music to the start & end, and our theme music tool can help you make it!

Auto Publish

We link out to Libsyn, BluBrry and soon other hosts, so your show can be automatically published.

Keep things simple with
our fastest workflow

We clean up all your audio, process it and post it to your hosting automagically.

Record your show

Upload the recording

Click Publish and that’s it!

Watch Alitu Produce an Episode in Less than a Minute!

Record ‘as live’ and completely automate production. Capture a 1-take episode, upload to us, then we’ll convert, level, add music, export & publish for you.

Want more control?

Then Let Alitu Help You Edit

We’ve redesigned audio editing to make it quick, simple and specific to podcasting. You don’t need any software experience and you’ll pick it up in seconds.

Upload recording, mistakes and all

Trim your clips, edit mistakes

Add music, FX, adverts

Publish! We’ll clean it & create the file.

Watch How Alitu's Editing Tools Keep Things Quick & Simple

We’ve redesigned audio editing to make it quick, simple and specific to podcasting. You don’t need any software experience and you’ll pick it up in seconds.


Take a step to quicker podcasting - try Alitu

7-Day Free trial, no payment required, produce your first episode in minutes.

So how much does it cost?

Choose between our 2 simple plans

Monthly Plan

$28 / month

7-Day Free Trial

Clean up your Audio

Trim your audio

Cut out any mistakes

Create your theme music

Add music automatically

Add id3 tags & metadata

Publish direct to host

Annual Plan

$280 / year

7-Day Free Trial

Everything in the Monthly Plan

Cleaning up your audio

Trimming & cutting

Creating theme music

Adding music & metadata

Automatic publishing

Plus 2 months Free


Nope, but we can polish up your audio, just like it was an antique mahogany sideboard ????

We do a number of processes to your audio to make sure it sounds as good as it can be, and we’re refining this all the time. The main thing, right now, is levelling, ensuring your volume is great throughout, and we’re adding EQ, noise reduction, compression and others as we go.

Branding, for most podcasts, means a theme tune. That can be just a bit of music you play at the start and the end of your show, or it could be a professionally produced segment, tailored to the start and end, with a voiceover, music and effects. Either way, upload your branding to Alitu and we can add your intro and outro themes automatically, every time.

No, we’re not a podcast hosting company – we prefer to leave that to those that already do that brilliantly. And, to make things easy for you, we link directly to a number of the top hosting companies so you can publish direct to your host from Alitu, without having to download > login > upload elsewhere!

Here’s what we can take care of automatically for you:

  • Converting your files (we take audio recordings from any source!)
  • Levelling (getting the volume right)
  • Adding theme music at the start and end of your show
  • Fading/transitioning from music to voice and vice-versa
  • Joining together multiple recordings into one episode
  • Exporting your episode to mp3 with the right settings
  • Adding id3 tags to your episode
  • Publishing direct to certain podcast hosts

And we’ve much more coming on the audio processing front. We wanted to get the basics working great, before starting on this, but we’re working on automated equalisation, compression, noise reduction and more.

We’re also working on automating some aspects of editing, such as removing silences, and in assisting in finding mistakes really quickly. Stay tuned!

We can publish your episode right to your podcast hosting service, to save you logging  in and uploading it.

Right now we link with Libsyn and Blubrry, and we’re working with Podbean, Spreaker and Buzzsprout to link into them too.

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