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Podcast EDITING Tool

Powerfully simple podcast editing toolkit

Finally, a podcast editing tool that doesn't make you feel like you need an audio engineering degree. Drag, drop, done.

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"It used to take me 3 hrs to do all this and now it's 30-45 minutes unless I'm being extra. I would give them six stars but I cannot go that high on here. Great value. This is a must-have for anyone who has a podcast and an actual life.”

Near-zero learning curve

  • Feel calm and in control, with a delightfully intuitive interface.
  • Don't stress over hours of courses, or mastering a dozen apps.
  • If you do get stuck our support team will get you unstuck with live chat, live calls, or self-serve resources.

The boring but important bits automated

  • You’ll never need to worry about ‘bitrates’ and ‘LUFS’, your exported episodes will use industry standards as standard.
  • Just upload your files, don’t worry about filetypes or joining them together.
  • Silky smooth transitions between your segments, if you want them.

Build your episodes with clear and simple tools

  • Build your episode with drag and drop blocks of audio saved in your Alitu Library.
  • Highlight to remove mistakes, and split blocks with the Alitu Waves editor.
  • Find the audio you’re looking for fast, with easy navigation and playback speed options.

The best audio possible, with Alitu Audio Cleanup

  • As soon as you upload or record, Alitu gets to work cleaning up your audio.
  • Reduce background noise and eliminate background hums.
  • Plosives removed, and sibilance reduced.
  • Loudness corrected for consistent listening.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Recording with Alitu

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  • Work on your podcast from anywhere
  • All the software you need in one place
  • Free 7 day trial - make sample episode in 15 minutes
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Get a 7-day free trial and walk through our personalised onboarding to get started. We've got loads of resources and a super-friendly support team to help you out all along the way.