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Ditch your phone’s voice memo tool, Zoom’s silly pricing and Skype’s shoddy quality. You deserve the best audio in town.

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“The built in recording for calls is so handy for interviews, and I was quite impressed with the audio quality”

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Whether it’s just you or a whole crew, record your show directly into Alitu from your browser.

  • Invite any guest with a link
  • Text chat for easy backroom communication

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Sometimes guests (or co-hosts) just don’t have great microphones. We can help with that!

  • Industry-leading audio quality
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No more lost content

Alitu Record saves your call securely in real-time, so even if somebody drops out your content is safely stored in your Alitu Library.

  • Audio saved automatically

No downloads for your guests

The last thing you want when running an interview is technical friction, like needing to download and install new software.

  • Works in every browser
  • Connects to any microphone

Frequently Asked Questions about Recording with Alitu

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Seven Tips to Get the Best Audio Quality for a Podcast Call Recording

When recording for your podcast whether it's a solo show or with guests you’ll need to focus on audio quality and if you’re new to recording this can be a foreign language to some.

With a few simple reminders and notes for your guests before your scheduled call you can infinitely increase the quality of the audio and with little effort from everyone involved.


Encourage everyone to wear wired headphones, this will intimate any feedback that their microphone loops into the call. Avoid bluetooth headphones as they may result in a slight audio delay.


Make it easy for your computer to function properly: If needed, restart the computer to ensure the best connection, and reduce or stop any resource heavy processes i.e. editors, browser tabs etc.


If you're using a laptop, don't let your battery fall below 20%. The best way to avoid this is by making sure it is plugged in.


Test things out before you record the entire episode. Start with a sample recording of ~1 minute & playback to hear the sound quality, this is very important.


Make sure you've positioned your microphone correctly. Avoid breathing directly into the microphone as heavy breathing can cause distortion. If you need to take a deep breath, do it while your mouth is pointing away from the microphone.


Remove background noises from your environment as much as possible.


If you're using a headset or desktop microphone, be sure to keep it close to your mouth but don’t fiddle with the cable, this will be heard in the recording.