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"I hated editing so much! It now takes me 10 minutes to edit and publish a podcast. It used to take me HOURS AND HOURS before Alitu."

Elizabeth Pampalone
Absolute Marketing Podcast

Automate the hard parts andfocus on growing your show.

Alitu is made for podcasters who want to sound good, focus on the content, and automate the difficult parts of editing and production.

🧠 Simple recording and editing tools

Slide, dice, and rearrange your episodes using simple drag and drop tools designed for podcasters.

⏳ Edit your show in minutes, not hours

Spend your time growing your show, and cut down your editing time to minutes, not hours.

💸 Save money on fees and equipment

You don't need to spend $1000s on a studio to sound like you've got a big budget.

🤖 Done-for-you audio cleanup

Automatically clean up your audio, so you sound crisp and clean like your favourite big-studio shows.

“Alitu just gives me the features that I need - and a lot of it is automated. That’s exactly what I wanted. I was able to figure it out on my own, with zero podcasting experience. And I came up with an episode that was fantastic."

Dr Kevin Pho


The tools you need, minus the headaches.

Call Recording for Your Podcast

Record yourself, or a group, without leaving Alitu. The process couldn't be quicker.

Prefer to record elsewhere, or in a group? No problemo. You can upload any type of audio file - Alitu will automatically convert them all to the same type.

Automatic audio cleanup and levelling, just drag and drop.

Who doesn't want to sound like they've got a fancy studio? With Alitu you can, without the overheads and audio engineers.

Alitu will automatically reduce background noises like cars or air conditioning. It'll also level out your volume, so your voice sounds consistent. Everything you need to sound crystal clear, to keep your listeners engaged.

Remove Silences or Mistakes

Few too many uhm and ahs, an awkward silence that goes on a bit too long? No problem, you can fix that in a jiffy.

Simply highlight the parts of your audio that you want to remove, and listen back to it on the fly.

When you're happy, just press save. Best part? You can go back and change your edits any time.

Podcast Branding Made Easy

Set your intro and outro once, and forget it!

Alitu will automatically add your intro and outro to every new episode you make.

Don’t have an intro or outro yet? No problem! Just use our free music library to set the right mood.

Publish straight to your podcast hosting provider.

You don’t need to carry that super-heavy audio file over to your podcast host.

Alitu will wheel it over for you, publishing it automatically. Or, you can download the file, to use it anywhere.

We work with most of the top platforms and we're adding more all the time.

Relaunch your career podcast cover art, hosted by Leah Lambart

"I procrastinated for months about starting a podcast as I didn't think I would be able to manage the tech side of it.

Thanks to Alitu I was able to get my first podcast out really quickly and continue to get at least one episode recorded and edited every week."

Leah Lambart

Host, Relaunch Your Career

Join a community of rockstar podcasters ⚡

Whether you're just starting out or are planning your 1000th episode, get the support you need to make your podcast succeed.

Alitu is part of a family of podcast geeks that have been around the block a few times, which means you get:

Free courses and videos to help you launch, produce and grow your show.
An invite-only group for podcasters who use Alitu.
Live events with podcasting experts, an opportunity to get answers from the pros.

Let Alitu do the heavy lifting for you.

Spend less time producing, more time growing your audience.

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