October 25, 2021

How to Identify the Goal of Your Branded Podcast

Mackenzie Patterson

Starting a podcast is an excellent way to raise awareness about your company, promote your initiatives and continue weaving your brand narrative. It can be thrilling to start researching, sourcing guests and writing episodes, but before you dive into the main event, it’s important to strategize and drill down on the fundamentals first.

Identifying the main overarching goal of your podcast is an important first step to take on your podcasting journey because it sets the stage for all other decisions going forward. The goal of your podcast can serve as an anchor tethering you to a broader mission and purpose, which will ultimately prevent you from getting lost in the noise or diverging too far from your plans.

There are plenty of ways to identify the main goal (or goals!) of your podcast. Engaging in these kinds of branding exercises can also help you better understand your overall marketing strategy and where your podcast fits into the plan. 

Even if your company has already solidified its key messaging, offering and brand identity, it can’t hurt to sit down with your team to ensure you’re all crystal clear on the mission and purpose of the podcast, so you can really hit the ground running once it’s time to hit go. 

Without further ado, here are some key strategies to use when figuring out the “why” behind your podcast:

1. Consider how the podcast will relate to your company’s overarching mission statement 

The overarching goal of your company’s podcast will likely act as an extension of your brand’s overall mission statement. Unless you’re brand new as an organization, you’ve probably already thought long and hard about your mission statement, so most of the heavy lifting will be done by now. 

However, while you may have identified your company’s overall mission statement, the aim of your podcast won’t be exactly the same. Get specific about the goals you’re trying to reach with your podcast and why you’re choosing to pursue it as a marketing tactic in the first place. 

For example, perhaps your company’s overall mission is related to promoting inclusivity in the workplace. Your podcast will ultimately return to this overarching mission, but the goal of the show itself may be something more specific such as connecting with HR professionals to educate them about how to incorporate more diversity initiatives in their role.

2. Book a brainstorming session with your team

When working on nailing down a goal for your company’s podcast, you’ll want to ensure you, your team and any freelancers or agency partners you’re working with are all on the same page to avoid confusion later on down the line. It can be helpful to book a brainstorm session so you can all align on one or a few different goals and benchmarks for your podcast. 

Consider speaking to your team about what you’re trying to achieve with the podcast, who your ideal listener is, and the messages you’d like the audience to take away from the show at the end of the day. Try using a whiteboard or a large sheet of paper and markers to draw a word association bubble and create a visual roadmap of all the goals you land on.

3. Check out the competition

By checking out other podcasts operating in your space, you’ll be able to get a better sense of where your company may fit into the landscape while also gathering inspiration for your show’s ultimate aim. Conduct a competitive analysis to determine the format, length, sound design and other elements of podcasts that are similar to yours, and consider which components you’d like to replicate and which you’d like to skip.

When checking out other podcasters, listen closely to the call-to-action at the end of each episode as this could give you a better idea of their ultimate goals and the aim they’re hoping to achieve through the show. 

4. Consider the legacy you’d like your company to leave behind

When determining the ultimate goal of your podcast, try to zoom out and think big. What is the legacy you’d like to create through your brand, and how will the podcast serve to uphold it? 

Make a list of your company’s values and the impact you’re attempting to make on the world. This will help you gain perspective on what’s truly important at the end of the day, and how starting a podcast can help you contribute to the world on a broad scale.

About the Author

Mackenzie Patterson is Quill Inc.’s digital content strategist.

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