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Podcast Name Generator: It's As Easy As Making a Sandwich!

Are you struggling with what to call your next podcast? Then let us help you out with our Podcast Name Generator "sandwich" formula!

Podcast Name Generator: It's As Easy As Making a Sandwich!

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Are you struggling with what to call your next podcast? Then let us help you out with our Podcast Name Generator "sandwich" formula!

There are lots of considerations and good practices when it comes to naming a podcast. We go into these in our full guide to podcast names. Some folks like to spend a lot of time thinking about what to call their show. Others prefer to have a few suggestions thrown at them and then just pick the one they like the most.

If you're in the latter camp, then our Podcast Name Generator will sort you out in no time.

A Simple Naming Formula: The Google Search Approach

Before we get to the actual name generation bit, there might be an even more immediate way for you to find something that works.

One simple technique is to take a few search terms you'd imagine your ideal listener typing into google. Commonly, these might be "how to..." questions. The bottom line is that you can make a shortlist of these and ask yourself if any of them could be your podcast name.

The "users also searched for" section is a handy one.

For example, would there be any doubt about what these podcasts are about, and who they are for?

  • How to Grow Veggies
  • How to Build Muscle
  • How to Live Debt Free

Podcasts that use this naming formula are easy to find, which also makes them easier to grow. If you spot one you like, just be sure to search in your podcast app to make sure there isn't one already using that name!

Boring Podcast Names?

As a quick aside, some might wonder if this type of podcast name is "too boring". I've always maintained there are no boring podcast names, only boring content. I've never yet come across someone who stopped listening to a show they loved because its name put them to sleep.

If you're looking for something beyond the "google search" approach though, then let's take a look at the Podcast Name Generator "sandwich" formula.

Hungry? Well, let's crack on and fix something up...

The Podcast Name Generator Sandwich Maker

The human brain loves things that are broken down into 3s, so we might think of a podcast name as having 3 parts, too. This could be said to be the beginning, the middle, and the end. Or, it could more accurately be likened to a sandwich. You've got the bread, the spread, and the filling.

Part 1: The Bread

Firstly, you decide whether or not you'd like to front-load your podcast name with a word known as an "article". Basically, The, A, or An. A few examples might be:

  • The Digital Nomad Podcast
  • A Poem for the Day
  • An Insight Into Bitcoin

The argument against this approach is that your show is then trying to compete with other pods whose title starts with words like "the" and "an". But I think most listening platforms are clever enough to figure this out, so long as your name is descriptive enough overall. Podcast search has, traditionally, been quite poor. But it has improved in recent years and that's only going to keep getting better.

This part is purely optional of course. You might be wondering how you could possibly make a sandwich without the bread, but ask any Keto Diet podcaster and they'll tell you it's possible!

Part 2: The Spread

This is another optional section. You might want to wrap your show up in a noun like "Podcast", "Show", or "Radio".

  • The Woodworking Show
  • Healthcare Radio
  • The WW2 Podcast

There are plenty of other choices here, too. You might use the word "Hour" if that's going to be the length of your episodes. Or you might opt for something flashy like "Experience" or "Adventure".

Part 3: The Filling

This is the most important part of your name - the filling in your sandwich. The tasty bit that (knowledge) hungry listeners notice first.

Here, we need to try and tell the listener what the podcast is about and who it's for, but in as few words as possible. In our Podcast Names guide, we talked about the 3 most common ways of naming a show.

  1. The Descriptive Name - think of the "google search" approach, above
  2. The Clever Name - a pun or play on words that relates to your topic
  3. The Host's Name - quite simply, using your own name

Descriptive names are almost always better, especially if you're starting with zero audience. If your podcast can't be found, it'll never grow.

Clever or creative names can work if they still give a decent hint about the show's content. With this approach, you will also want to lean heavily on having clear and descriptive episode titles.

Using your own name can be a good idea if you're already well known in your field. You can also go down this route if you want to build a personal brand, but again, it's going to be a bit more challenging to get your podcast in front of your target audience.

Here are examples of each:

  • The Organic Gardening Podcast (very obvious)
  • Field of Dreams (could this be a show by someone who works with sleep therapists?)
  • The Jane Doe Show (unless you know about Jane, this means nothing!)

Podcast Name Generator: Make Me a Sandwich!

Still struggling and like the thought of getting a few more random options to pick from? 

Like anything random, a lot of your results will be absolute gibberish. You might unearth something that clicks though, or even something that's almost there and just needs a little creative tweaking.

If your sandwich comes out perfect, be sure to share it with us (we'll only take a small bite) - tweet us @alituapp and show us your culinary podcast name generated sandwich masterpiece :-D

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