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We've added remote recording to Alitu! Record, edit, publish all in one place.

Alitu, now with 100% more spoken word!

We've added remote recording to Alitu! Record, edit, publish all in one place.

Make your podcast 3x faster with Alitu

Record, edit, and publish your podcast all in one place. None of the stress!

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Interviews and co-hosted shows have long been a staple of the podcasting world. They offer that variety of funny, engaging or educational conversation that you know and love! But, capturing that content has never been 100% straight forward, from call drops to audio quality. Well, now, with the Alitu Call Recorder, interviewing remote guests and making sure they sound great has become an easy task!

We created the Alitu Call Recorder to make it easier for podcasters who want more control over their recording process. We know you're probably thinking, "What's wrong with Zoom?" It doesn’t offer the highest quality audio and it’s not super easy for your guests to use.

The last time you interviewed a guest, you probably had to log into multiple systems to get the call set up. And you may even have asked your guest to download software to talk to you. The last thing you want is to make your guest jump through hoops to be on your show. 

“People quit podcasting because their workflow is too hard", said Colin Gray, Alitu Founder. "We are podcasters too, and wanted to create something simple for our users, so they can record easily." The Alitu interface makes it easy to record calls from anywhere in the world with your computer and browser.”

Alitu is the podcast editing software for people who don't have time to fuss with complicated audio tools. Sure you can use more complicated tools, but you don't have to.  

Alitu's simple interface is perfect for telling your story in its best light. It's easy, intuitive, and gives you just the features you need to create polished podcasts. You can record your solo or interview episode on your computer. Then you can edit it right in Alitu - no uploading required!

With our call recorder, you'll never miss an interview opportunity again! Record interviews using your unique link and up to 5 guests. No passwords, no software for them to download. All they need is your link and an internet connection.

When you're done with your interview, Alitu cleans it up for you and adds the files to your library. The audio will be waiting for you to create your next episode. That way everything stays organized and ready for editing whenever you want.

  • Record interviews on Alitu without any extra equipment needed
  • No need to download and upload files, they will be in your library
  • Perfect for podcasters who work with multiple guests

Alitu is the easiest way to record and edit your podcast. And the new recording feature makes it super simple to record guests any time, with one click. No more hoops to jump through, just a quick recording and you’re done. 

Our 7-day free trial lets you try all the features, so you can try it out before committing. If you love it, we offer monthly and annual plans.

Record your episode on the same platform where you edit it--saving you time and rescuing you from complicated workflows. It’s all here in one place! 

And, we’ll make sure that you sound great every time by evening out the volume, removing lots of background noises, and reducing hum.

The Alitu Call Recorder provides a simplified option for interviewing remote guests. Click right now and sign up for a free trial today!

Alitu: The Podcast Maker is brought to you from the team at The Podcast Host has been helping people around the world start and grow successful podcasts since 2007. The website is now one of the biggest and oldest podcasting blogs on the internet. 

Alitu, founded in 2018, is a web app that helps anyone make a podcast easily by recording, polishing, and branding your show, while offering tools for building and editing epic podcasts. It automates audio cleanup, adding your music and publishing your show.

Make your first episode with Alitu in 15 minutes or less

  • Work on your podcast from anywhere
  • All the software you need in one place
  • Free 7 day trial - make sample episode in 15 minutes
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Get a 7-day free trial and walk through our personalised onboarding to get started. We've got loads of resources and a super-friendly support team to help you out all along the way.