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I procrastinated for months about starting a podcast as I didn't think I would be able to manage the tech side of it. Thanks to Alitu I was able to get my first podcast out really quickly and continue to get at least one episode recorded and edited every week since without any external assistance. Not bad for someone who struggles to work the TV!

Leah Lambart
Relaunch your career podcast

I'm new to podcasting and one of the biggest hurdles was editing audio. With Alitu it's all taken care of for you. Even though it's simple to use doesn't mean it's not good. It just takes the fuss out of having to worry about editing and all the technical intricacies of it. The interface and functionality are easy to use, there's practically no learning curve, plus they have excellent support services and tutorials in case you have a question or don't know how to do something. I am so happy I found Alitu.

Cristina DiGiacomo
Wise Up! With Cristina

I absolutely love this tool! It makes putting all of the pieces together really easy! And the piece of mind knowing everything is going to export at the right volume is huge! I love this product!

Tess Ball
Shitty Idea Time

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