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Take a 5-minute tour of Alitu with Colin

He'll show you how to record, build your episode, edit your audio, and finally publish. See how easily you can make your next (or first) episode. Have fun!

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Duration: 5:01

These podcasters are saving HOURS every week using Alitu

Remove the overwhelm from starting a podcast

“I may have not kicked off or continued my podcast if it wasn't for Alitu. It just made it simple enough for me.”

Nathalie Schittekatte, Host of Snuggles & Dreams

Work smarter not harder, simplify your workflow

“I love Alitu! As a very busy mom who's worked with Audacity for the first two years of my podcast, the switch to Alitu has been a breath of fresh air! It makes all my editing faster and easier and it's way more intuitive. Plus the customer support is fabulous!”

Laura Scappaticci

Easily transition from written content to audio content

“I’d always wanted to start a podcast, and I listen to podcasts regularly. But I really didn't know the first thing about starting a podcast. But I definitely wanted to expand my platform. I think when Alitu came in, it just made the process and transition into podcasting, very, very seamless. And it really helped me make the transition.”

Dr Kevin Pho, Host of The Podcast by KevinMD

Tell a story without becoming an audio engineer

“Alitu is a simple, easy, beautifully formatted option for people who are looking to tell a story via podcast. I needed a platform with a low learning curve that still produced a quality final product, and Alitu does it for me!”

Katie Nakamura

All you need is a good message, Alitu does the rest

“I heard that the younger generations like to listen to podcasts. So how can a middle age man with minimum equipment and little technical knowledge reach their ears? I wasn't sure, waited and hesitated. Then I tried Alitu. WOW Is it really this easy! I love it, All I need is a good message - Alitu does the rest.”

Adalsteinn Thorsteinsson

Eliminate the confusion and frustration

“As a new podcaster, and new to podcasting in general the landscape can be one of technical confusion and frustration. Alitu eliminates the confusion and frustration! It is intuitive to use, easy to understand from a technical sense with great support. Alitu helps you produce a high quality podcast with professional quality. I highly recommend.”

Brain Prevett