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Podcast Audio Cleanup

Professional audio with no effort.

Sound your best.

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Over 3,000 podcasters use Alitu to simplify podcasting

How does Alitu make you sound great?

EQ and mastering done for you.

Pros use something called “EQ” to make their voices sound deep, vibrant and easy on the ear. We do this for you, using AI, so you don’t have to.

Background noise removal

Background hum or distant traffic noise. You want none of that in your podcast. With Alitu, it’s more voice and less noise. Out of the box.

Volume normalisation

Have you ever listened to a podcast and had the music deafen you when it came on suddenly, way louder than the voice? It’s bad.

Alitu will automatically even out all your audio to the same, consistent volume for easy listening.

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I did a test recording close to a defective air conditioning unit that was incredibly loud. Alitu made that noise basically disappear without me having to do anything about it.

Elijah, Host of Innovation Metrics Podcast

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