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Incredible prices. Only this week.

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Free Podcast Music

Finding podcast music can be hard

Not when you have Alitu...

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Over 3,000 podcasters use Alitu to simplify podcasting

Free music to fit any podcast

Try our upbeat collection:

Energetic and uplifting:

Intriguing and moody:

Dark and reflective:

...this and 20+ more collections inside. Make an episode »

The length of time each week I spend on editing has been cut by two-thirds. Their editing tools and music library have really made podcasting very easy!

Dr. Bill Petri, host of Differing Things

Safe to use and free

No copyright or loyalties so you can safely use our music packs on your show. Make your show instantly more engaging at no extra cost to you.

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Loops and transitions included

Alitu comes with over 20 music collections. Collections contain loops, transitions and intro & outro versions. All this so you can keep the mood and music in your podcast consistent.

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Easily add background music to your voice clips

All you need to do is pick your music track and your voice track. We will mix it into an ad, jingle or whatever you’re creating. Couldn’t be simpler, couldn’t be quicker.

Create effortless transitions

Create a smooth fade between your voice and music. Instantly making your show sound polished and professional. Hear an example:

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With 7 day trial & 30 day guarantee!

The ability to add music to my intro so easily and make clips is just fantastic! It has seriously cut my time to edit an hour of audio by 2/3!!

Dr. mOe Anderson, host of Perpetual mOetion

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