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Why Alitu? A note from Colin Gray

Why did Colin start building Alitu? Why did we choose to make it all-in-one?

Why Alitu? A note from Colin Gray

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Alitu is designed with one mission in mind: to offer the clearest path to sharing your voice and making an impact on the world, making no compromise over control and creativity. Whether that’s making one person laugh, or lifting an entire community, we want to offer the help you need to achieve your purpose.

After all, there are easy ways to podcast. There are powerful ways to podcast. There are creative ways to podcast. But, the goal we have with Alitu is to combine all three, offering clarity, quality and control in a way that no other podcasting tool can.

We’re applying this to every part of the process: from recording, to editing, to publishing, creating an all-in-one that’s far greater than the sum of its parts. Not only that, but that sum allows us to do so much more in future. By linking recording and editing, then editing and publishing, we can add all the clarity, control and creativity you’ll ever need, all while cutting the time and stress it takes to get your voice out. 

The Insidious ‘Quick’ Edit

Before we tackle the entire podcasting workflow, there’s nowhere the problem is more acute than that insidious little task in the middle: the edit.

After all, unlike most tools, that’s where we started. Alitu was built, originally, on pleas from podcasters everywhere: “What the what is a DAW?!” “This interface looks like an airplane cockpit!”

Our community has been using tools built for audio engineers, since the early days. So many bells, whistles and layers that have no relevance to 99% of podcasters. It’s all time and stress, and on things that aren’t actually related to our goal: making an impact!

So, we solved the editing problem first, untying the audio engineering knots to help you craft your message, every week. That meant stripping the traditional DAW back, merciless in our minimalism, before building back up on that foundation. The result was the cleanest podcast-first editor on the planet. (primed and ready to sculpt your dulcet tones.)

Next, though, you wanted that power and polish back, oft missing from many “simple podcasting” tools. So we took the clean and clear approach to this, too. What can we automate to make you sound like a superstar, without having to think?

Automated audio cleanup was first, then branding and polish. No audio engineering tools, just a couple of simple options, and you have music, transitions and crystal clear audio.

Power. Check. Polish. Check! So that brings us to the third pillar: creative control. That undefinable difference in podcasters that stand out. Those with a purpose. Those that care. This is so often missing from “easy podcasting” pathways. Simplifying your workflow and your tools shouldn’t mean minimising the creativity and control you have in your content. 

Visualise the big picture in our episode builder, and take care of the details in our audio editor. It’s a powerful combination. Editing and production built all over again for the way we make podcasts.  

That all moulds into an editor that finally feels like home. Clear and simple, but without the limits you’re used to.

One Workflow to Rule them All

But what about the rest? We didn’t tackle that until later, until our Podcasters were delighted with editing. At that point, the barriers, the time swamps, they were then about integration, task switching and lugging your files from place to place. So, we built solo recording, call recording and, now, podcast hosting.

There’s real power in a single, unified place for one task, start to finish. One place for the whole process, automating the drudge, from file conversions, to download-upload, to simply forgetting where you put that damn file! Stay in one place, designed for efficiency and creativity, rather than jump from tool to tool to tool. Not to mention the cost…  

On publishing, for example, there are so many tasks, from show notes to video snippets. They all contribute to your purpose, aiding your audience, reaching more of them, but they feel like a morass, getting in the way of making your message public. Well, our transcriptions can save hours on those shownotes, and our video export serves as a base to reach more.

That’s just the start, though. We’ve built our rock solid foundation, an all-in-one home for your podcast. But that basis, bringing them together, gives us even more power to explore the links between recording and editing, and editing and publishing. You’ll be able to have a greater impact on your listeners, creating better content in less time, and helping them get even more from it.

For example, often the best place to edit, or at least prepare to, is during recording. So having both recording and editing under one roof allows us to create tools that you use during recording, to save interminable moments in editing. That’s coming in the near future.

Next, on publishing, we’re so well placed to help you benefit from those underused, but high impact listener features. Our future roadmap includes chapter markers, easily inserted during editing, to allow them to navigate your content and re-listen to their favourite parts. Shownotes that include timecodes for tools or resources mentioned. Video highlight clips, marked during recording and created in just a few clicks during your normal edit process. No extra tools and very little time. That’s a clear path to impact. 

This is why we created Alitu: a clear, creative home for sculpting your message, and making an impact. Where clarity, meets quality, meets control. Where you can give your voice the attention it deserves, and make that change you want to see in the world.

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