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What's New at Alitu: Episode Page Redesign and More

We're always working to make Alitu better for you

What's New at Alitu: Episode Page Redesign and More

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We're always working to make Alitu: The Podcaster Maker software better for you, our users, and this week we're releasing a hefty update with that firmly in mind. First, we've fixed a few pesky bugs to cut down any possible frustrations. We've also managed to make the code faster and cleaner, to really make your podcasting experience zip! Finally, and most exciting, we've adding a great little collection of new features, all of which you fine folks have been requesting.

We wanted to highlight some of the new features below.

The New Episode Page:

We've updated the episode page, to add in a host of tweaks you've been requesting. Now you can see all the information about your episodes, including the episode meta information, right on the main page. The new page has a much cleaner look, too.

You can now see more of your episodes on one page instead of scrolling through, as well as quickly accessing options to download or delete an episode. It's much faster and easier to work with the episodes now.

The ‘cards’ for each episode now provide the episode number (if applicable), when the episode was last updated, and the current episode status. Users can even expand the episode details so you can view the full contents right on the episode page.

These were some of the most frequently-requested updates over the past few months and we are thrilled to drop them out to you!

More Control Over File Processing:

This was another item on our community's wishlist. If a file is processing but you want to make a change, simply click ‘Pause & Edit’ to stop the processing! That means there's no more waiting around while processing finishes. You can edit right away with this new feature, saving you time and giving you more control.

Improved Control of the Music Preview

Now users can breeze through an episode preview in a snap! The new 10-second forward or backward skip enables much faster episode review. Being able to skip ahead to quick review an entire episode before publishing is very easy now. Or a user can pinpoint a section of their episode and move quickly through the timeline to confirm the need for an edit.

The Help Center is ready for these new updates

We have already updated our tutorials and help articles for these new features. Get access to these in the Alitu Help Center

The next few months are going to be packed with goodies, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new features. We can't wait!

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Alitu is the easiest way to record and edit your podcast. And the call recording feature makes it super simple to record guests any time, with one click. No more hoops to jump through, just a quick recording and you’re done. 

Record your episode on the same platform where you edit it--saving you time and rescuing you from complicated workflows. It’s all here in one place! 

And, we’ll make sure that you sound great every time by evening out the volume, removing lots of background noises, and reducing hum.

Our 7-day free trial lets you try all the features, so you can try it out before committing. If you love it, we offer monthly and annual plans.

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Alitu, founded in 2018, is a web app that helps anyone make a podcast easily by recording, polishing, and branding your show, while offering tools for building and editing epic podcasts. It automates audio cleanup, adding your music and publishing your show.

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