September 2, 2022

6 AI-Powered Content Creation Tools to Cover Your Entire Content Strategy

Akshita Sharma

Content creation is indeed both a science and an art. Most of us are great at the art aspect of content creation. We bring our creative side to the content marketing processes to craft compelling content that resonates with the audience. But it gets a little complicated when we get to the science of content creation.

Developing a content marketing strategy that works is not an easy task. We often spend hours on topic selection, keyword research, and content performance tracking, and even that doesn’t yield the results we want. Besides, it is human tendency to approach these processes with our gut feeling. However, this can prove very costly for your content marketing efforts.

In order to create good content that converts, you need to come up with a content marketing strategy that is backed by data and not gut feeling. This is where AI-powered content creation tools come in. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can give you a competitive advantage in your industry, especially when it comes to the science of content marketing. This fact can be corroborated by statistics too –

With AI content creation software, you’ll be able to create content faster and at scale. Artificial Intelligence will essentially empower you to achieve your content goals with greater efficiency, creativity, and effectiveness. By allowing AI tools to take care of mundane tasks, content marketers can use their skills for the more essential aspects of content creation.

In this article, we’ll look at some great AI content creation tools that can help you in various aspects of your content processes. Let’s get straight to it.

Must-Have AI-Powered Content Creation Tools

1. Narrato – Content Workflow Platform

A common problem many marketers face is the amount of time it takes to create a single piece of content. A CoSchedule study says content marketers often work for around 1 to 6 hours on every content piece to get the desired quality. What they need is a content automation tool that saves them valuable time, energy, and resources. This is where an all-in-one AI Content Marketing tool like Narrato can prove very useful.

Narrato is an AI-powered content workflow platform that makes it easier to manage your content through all its stages, from content planning, ideation, creation, and optimization to publishing. Besides this, it also comes with powerful collaboration features so that everyone in your content team can work together to build high-quality content.

Here’s how Narrato can help you –

  • Content Editor: The powerful content editor on the Narrato Workspace comes with AI content optimization features, including a free grammar checker tool, readability checker, and plagiarism check to improve your content quality.
  • AI Writing Assistant: With the AI writing assistant, you can generate high-quality content for various use cases, including your blog post intros, conclusions, outlines, and more. There is also a content improver that can rephrase and enhance your existing content.
  • AI Topic Generator: If you’re having difficulty coming up with new topics, this Narrato tool will be your savior. The AI topic generator can be used to obtain SEO-friendly topics that are sure to engage your readers.
  • SEO Brief Generator: Use this tool to create content briefs, containing all the important SEO parameters in just a few seconds. With the SEO Brief Generator, you don’t have to go to another platform to research keywords, topics, references, questions, etc.

Other features also stand out, such as custom content templates, content calendars, and many more.

If you’re short on time and resources, or simply need to scale your content production efforts, then Narrato also provides a Content and Copywriting Marketplace. Here, you can avail the services of thousands of experienced freelance writers who can write content for you on any topic and niche.

Pricing: Content teams and individual content creators just starting out can use certain Narrato features for free. The paid plans start from $8 per user per month. Narrato also provides custom plans to meet the unique needs of your content team.

2. Alitu – Podcast Making Tool

Did you know that 53% of content marketers consider audio content like sales podcasts quite effective for digital marketing?

If you want to reach out to new audiences and build a deeper relationship with existing ones, starting a podcast can be a great idea. Podcasts allow you to add a new dimension to your content marketing strategy. But many content marketers consider this medium a little out of reach, and they find it challenging to figure out its many moving parts. An AI-powered podcast maker like Alitu can help simplify the process of creating a podcast.

Alitu can help you create high-quality podcasts with the equipment you already have. What’s better is that you don’t need professional audio editing experience and skills to use this tool. All you have to do is simply load the raw audio recording, and Alitu does the rest of the job within a matter of minutes. Alitu also allows you to optimize the final file in the following ways –

  • Fix mistakes and silences in the recording
  • Add some theme music
  • Fade out audio

The final recording can then be published directly to Podbean, Captivate, and Buzzsprout, or, directly to Alitu which now has hosting in Beta. Alitu also allows you to create a video version of the podcast for YouTube, and will automatically generate transcriptions of your episodes. 

Pricing: Alitu is priced at $32 per month. The yearly plan comes with two months of free subscription and is priced at $320. 

3. PlaceIt – Video Making Tool for Social Media Content

It’s no news that video content dominates the marketing scene these days, especially regarding social media marketing. What was once a pretty expensive content form to produce, has now become practically free with a tool like PlaceIt.

PlaceIt allows you to create professional-looking brand promos and marketing videos for your social media channels in just a few clicks. This easy-to-use video maker comes with a large selection of ready-to-use video templates, high-quality graphics, animations, and music to add to your design. Besides this, you can also use PlaceIt to create product mockup videos, with more than 20,000 mockups already in its library.

Pricing: You can get an unlimited subscription to PlaceIt at just $1.97 per month.

4. Zeta Email – Email Marketing Tool

To have a well-rounded content strategy, it’s important to look into your email marketing efforts. Although it is one of the oldest content marketing strategies, it is still known to provide the highest ROI.

If you want to take your email marketing efforts to the next level, then you need an AI-powered tool like Zeta Email.

This tool essentially simplifies the complexities of email marketing. It uses subtle ways to augment the email marketing best practices by –

  • Targeting message content and tonality in email.
  • Deciding the frequency of emails according to customers’ intent for effective communication, need states, and psychographics.
  • Calculating the influence of email marketing on the business through several data points, besides just click-through and open rates.

With Zeta Email, you can automate personalized emails and increase your user engagement, conversion rates, and sales.

Pricing: For pricing details, contact Zeta Global for a quote.

5. Synthesia – AI Video Generation Tool

This is another tool for video marketing, but it differs markedly from PlaceIt. With an AI tool like Synthesia, you don’t need to hire a studio and expensive equipment to get professional-looking videos made for your brand. It essentially automates the process of video content creation and editing, without compromising on quality.

Synthesia allows you to create professional-looking videos with a virtual human presenter. You can choose between 40 avatars and around 50 languages to create a marketing video. All you need to do is input your text in the editor, and your AI video will be processed within minutes. This tool also allows you to add text, music, shape elements, and background image to the video.

Pricing: Synthesia provides two pricing plans – Personal and Corporate. The price of the personal plan is $30 per month.

6. Let's Enhance – AI Image Enhancer

When adding images to your content, whether it is on blogs, social media posts, or email newsletters, it’s important to opt for quality. The only way to guarantee that your visual content stands out is by ensuring that all your images are high resolution and high quality.

Let’s Enhance is an AI-powered tool that does the editing and image enhancing for you. It essentially takes out hours of work that would otherwise be spent on image editing. All you have to do is upload the image on the platform, and the tool's algorithm will then automatically enhance it based on your preferences. You will also have the option to edit the image later if desired.

Price: Let’s Enhance offers a free version, while the paid plans start from $9 per month.

Leverage the Power of AI in Content Marketing

Crafting high-quality content (text, images, video, or audio) is never an easy undertaking. But the power of AI has made it easier than ever to speed up your content creation processes. AI-powered content creation tools have been a game changer in the content marketing industry. In the coming years, the influence of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of content will only grow more robust. With the aforementioned AI-powered tools, you’ll be able to use the power of AI to fuel your entire content strategy.

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