July 12, 2022

Alitu turns 4, a letter from Colin (our founder)

Colin Gray

Hey hey! 

If you’ve been with us a while, you might know a bit of the origin story.

If not, then know that Alitu only exists thanks to you, and podcasters like you, asking question after question about podcast editing! 

“How do I make this less horribly painful?”

“Why does it feel like this takes 26 years, for one episode?”

W-T-flip is a LUF anyway?!”

Matthew and I were in our little office in Dundee, beavering away on article after article, trying to help with it, alongside a bunch of client editing work… when I thought: “A lot of this is the same every time. Can we automate it?” and “95% of these audition features are total overkill! Can I get rid of them?”

That’s how it started. A hare-brained attempt to take away those editing pains, mostly for you, but selfishly for us, too!

It’s been a wild, zig-zagging, but fun journey. Not unlike podcasting, funnily enough! Ups and downs, insane work, but so rewarding, and meeting some truly amazing people along the way. 

Thanks for being with us. Thanks for being brave enough to put your voice out into the world. Thanks for making that difference.

Here’s to the next part of the journey! 

We’re here to help 👍 


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