The Quick & Easy Way to Make a Podcast

Alitu is a tool that takes your raw recordings & helps you turn them into a kick-ass, audience-growing show:

  • Cleanup
  • Edit
  • Build
  • Brand
  • Polish
  • Publish

Here’s What Alitu Automates:

  • Converting & cleaning up your audio files
  • Join together ALL your recordings
  • Add your music & fades, start and end
  • Add id3 tags & publish to your host

Here’s What Alitu Helps YOU Do:

  • Custom editing tool for Silences/Mistakes
  • Creating your Theme Music
  • Creating Ads & Segments with Music
  • Much more coming soon!

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Step 1:

Alitu Cleans up your Audio

You upload all of the clips for your episode, from intro to interview.

Then Alitu goes all Mr Sheen for audio!

It makes your recording sound goooood. It levels out your volumes, reduces background noise and outputs at the podcast loudness standards.

You’ll sound slick & engaging after Alitu throws it in the machine.

Woman Inside Studio
adding music in the episode builder

Step 2:

Alitu Brands your Show

Don’t worry, no hot metal, just the cool kiss of your wonderful audio branding.

You set your default theme music, and Alitu adds it to future episodes, automatically.

You can also sound more fun and professional by adding FX, jingles and transitions between clips to your heart’s content.

Interested in Enterprise or Team accounts?

Step 3:

Alitu Helps You Build Your Episode

Now, time to get the gloves on and piece it all together, but in the simplest way possible!

Use our custom episode builder to move your clips around, add regular clips from your library (ads, segment intros, promos) and set up sweet sounding fades between it all.

You can even add your teaser, to draw people in, using our special template.

alitu podcast episode builder
alitu's audio editor

Step 4:

Need to Edit? Alitu's got an App for That!

Audacity, Audition, Au…. whatever! Old news.

Alitu has it’s own custom podcast editor, with just the tools you need, and no more.

Say goodbye to that airplane cockpit in audio editor’s clothing.

This is editing, but quick, and simple!

Step 5:

Alitu Can Publish your Episode to the World

You don’t need to carry that super-heavy audio file over to your podcast host.

Alitu will wheel it over for you, publishing it automatically. Or, you can download the file, to use it anywhere.

We work with most of the top platforms (check out the “integrates with” below!) and we’re adding more all the time.

podcast listener

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What Else Does Alitu Do?

Music Segment Maker

Want to sound like a broadcasting pro? Bash some music behind your voice, using Alitu's custom music maker tool. It's super-easy to create, and hear it pop!

Music & FX Library

No music? No worries. Use our library of music, free for all Alitu users. Get multiple variations of every song, from intros & outros to transitions & bumpers.

Create an Episode in 4 Minutes

Get a great idea of how Alitu works, in this demo.

Watch Colin create an episode, from scratch, in just a few minutes, using all of Alitu’s main features.

Just don’t complain if you can’t understand the accent… he’s deliberately doing it fast… m’kay? 😂

Intergrates With:

we love them

See what our customer say:

Interested? Try it for a week, for free!

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Who is Alitu For?

Say a big Woop! to Alitu if you recognise any of these. You might be soulmates...

  • If you want to spend more time on your content, and less time on editing & production, but still get a polished result.
  • If you don't care a jot about bitrates, sample rates, file formats, metadata and want that taken care of for you.
  • If you edit out a few mistakes each episode, and need a quick & easy way to do it.
  • If you'd love a beautifully designed, user-friendly, podcast-specific tool, built by podcasters for podcasters, to create your show every week.
  • If you have standalone segments you'd like to back with music, and you'd like a simple way to create them and pop them into your episode.

Who is Alitu NOT For?

Alitu doesn't like heartbreak... If these sound familiar, let's avoid the breakup!

  • If you want detailed control over volumes, compression, noise reduction and want to spend time customising those settings.
  • If you love tweaking every setting, using complex tools to produce your show to your personal standards.
  • If you do a LOT of very detailed edits (say, 20+ per episode), removing ums, ahs & breathing noises.
  • If you're happy using a general audio tool, and spending longer editing (and learning how to) in exchange for lower, or no, cost (Audacity's free!).

Got a Question? Read the Frequently A'd Q's!

I bet someone else has already asked it! Check out the FAQs, and let us know if it's still not answered. Just smash that chat button, bottom right!

Good question! We partner with Auphonic to offer the best automated audio processing on the market, right now. Here’s what we do to make sure your audio sounds as good as it can be:

  • File conversions: we can take just about any audio format possible, and turn it into podcast-compatible files
  • Volume levelling: evening out the volume throughout your whole show, between multiple speakers, for easy listening
  • Noise reduction: automatically removing lots of regular background noise, like fans, air con, hiss, etc.
  • Hum reduction: removing the hum commonly caused by power lines or other electrical interference

Branding, for most podcasts, means a theme tune. That can be just a bit of music you play at the start and the end of your show, or it could be a professionally produced segment, tailored to the start and end, with a voiceover, music and effects. Either way, upload your branding to Alitu and we can add your intro and outro themes automatically, every time.

We also have a “Theme Music Creator” tool which helps you put together your own custom intro and outro. It’ll combine a voice clip and some music for you, creating a pro sounding theme, just for your show.

No, we’re not a podcast hosting company – we prefer to leave that to those that already do that brilliantly. And, to make things easy for you, we link directly to a number of the top hosting companies so you can publish direct to your host from Alitu, without having to download > login > upload elsewhere!

Check out our hosting recommendations here: Best Podcast Hosting.

Here’s what we can take care of automatically for you:

  • Converting your files (we take audio recordings from any source!)
  • Levelling (getting the volume right)
  • Noise reduction – removing regular background noise
  • Hum reduction – removing power related hums
  • Adding theme music at the start and end of your show
  • Fading/transitioning from music to voice and vice-versa
  • Joining together multiple recordings into one episode
  • Exporting your episode to mp3 with the right settings#
  • Loudness – ensuring a standard export volume
  • Adding id3 tags to your episode
  • Publishing direct to certain podcast hosts

We can also publish your episode right to your podcast hosting service, to save you logging in and uploading it.

Right now we link with Libsyn, Blubrry, Buzzsprout, Spreaker & Podean, so you can publish to all of them automatically. We’re adding new services all the time, too, so just let us know who you want us to include next!

And, if you don’t have a podcast host yet, make sure to check out a full rundown of the best podcast hosting options here.

Audacity is designed to give you ALL the editing and processing features you might need, but doesn’t give you any automation or assistance in using them.

The main benefit of Alitu is that we automate a whole lot of the process – doing the processing for you, no experience required.

Alitu also makes the editing part easy with a custom designed interface for podcasters.

It can take hours or days to learn Audacity, and you have to learn WHAT processes you need and HOW to apply them. But, Alitu takes that hassle away from you and does it for you.

Yes, Alitu has a tool to allow you to record right into the App from your computer.

This is for solo recordings only – usually you, a USB mic, and your computer – so you’ll want to record your interviews or conversions elsewhere.

The main use for this is to record short intros and outros, to bookend your main content, or to record short annoucements or adverts to include in your show.

Because the recorder works right in your browser, I wouldn’t recommend recording long clips in this way. You know browsers, they have a tendency to crash, especially when they work with big audio files! If you’re going longer than 5 to 10 minutes, better to record into your phone, or onto your PC, then upload that file to us.

We do NOT do complex editing, like removing silences, ums and ahs, or mistakes.

But, we do SOME types of editing for you automatically, and offer a tool for you to easily do the OTHER types of edits yourself.

The editing we do automatically is joining all the files together, and adding your music. So, if you upload 3 recordings (say, a spoken intro, an interview, and a listener recording) we’ll edit them all together for you, and put your theme music on the start and end. 

The editing you’ll do yourself with Alitu’s editing tool, is removing editing mistakes, coughs, silences, etc. Our custom podcast editor tool makes it super-easy to do this, right inside Alitu. Using that, you can highlight parts you want to remove, in any recording, and we’ll remove them for you.

We do NOT do complex editing, like removing silences, ums and ahs, or mistakes.

But, we do SOME types of editing for you automatically, and offer a tool for you to easily do the OTHER types of edits yourself.

The editing we do automatically is joining all the files together, and adding your music. So, if you upload 3 recordings (say, a spoken intro, an interview, and a listener recording) we’ll edit them all together for you, and put your theme music on the start and end. 

Alitu doesn’t have a group calling feature, and we don’t plan to make one, since we have some good partners that do that really well already! See Ringr, for example.

But… Alitu pairs really well with a call recording or a group recording tool, to handle the audio processing that follows that. So, once you’ve recording your group, you can upload that audio to us, and we’ll make it all sound great, add your theme music and any other clips you like, then publish the resulting episode for you.

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