Focus on creating great content, not on wrestling with complex tech

Record and edit a podcast without spending countless hours studying audio engineering. Alitu simplifies each step so podcasters can create episodes in a matter of minutes.

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Create each episode with only five steps

1. Record your episodes

Create a recording from inside Alitu, either yourself or by calling a guest. No need to fiddle with files, the result will be saved in your library

2. Our bots polish your audio

Our friendly bots take care of the details like volume leveling and background noise removal so that you sound like you used a pro studio.

3. Click to remove any mistakes

Select any excessive umms, failed jokes or fumbled sentences to remove them from your recording.

4. Build your episode

Use our library of free music to create an intro and outro, then pop in elements like ad breaks and fade transitions.

5. Publish with your host

Alitu connects directly to podcasts hosts, who will then send your episode to all of the major podcast platforms.

Podcasters ❤️ Alitu

Don’t just take our word for it!

It now takes me 10 mins to edit and publish a podcast. It used to take me HOURS AND HOURS before Alitu.

Elizabeth Pampalone

Someone like me, who is not tech savvy can excel at creating professional podcasts. If I ever run into trouble, Alitu’s kind staff listens closely and then works to help me.

Caroline Moassessi

Alitu makes the entire process incredibly quick, easy, and painless. I can focus on content and let them work their magic. Their willingness to help and support is second to none.

Grant Chandler

I approached the task daunted by other editing software but then found Alitu and it is so easy and has so many great tools.

Kate W

Alitu has been marvellous! Very intuitive platform with tons of features that save me time, plus lovely and kind support people when needed.

Georgie Lewis

Alitu not only saves me at least two hours a week in putting my audio files together, but it saves me much more time in the editing process by automatically leveling out the volume.

Larry Ford

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