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We use industry-leading referral tracking systems to make sure you're rewarded for every customer you refer that signs up within 60 days.

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As an affiliate partner you will have round-the-clock access to detailed analytics on your earnings and engagement.

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Our growth team is on hand to support you when you need it. Questions, one-off campaigns, and tailored promotions. We're here to help you earn.

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Earn 20% per subscription.

Free hosting up to 1k downloads and affordable options for when you need a bit more. Integrates perfectly with Alitu and cost less.

Become an affiliate partner

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“Alitu is THE solution for new podcasters looking for an easy way to edit their podcast. That makes it easy to promote and sell because the alternatives are all highly technical and not beginner-friendly. It converts well and people keep using it, which means your commissions should continue to increase every month!”