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With Alitu's hosting

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Over 3,000 podcasters use Alitu to simplify podcasting

Everything to publish & manage your pod

Publish with one click

Alitu helps you submit your podcast to all popular directories. Once your show is out there, all it takes is one click to publish your episodes.

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Hosting with someone else?

If you already have a hosting provider and don’t worry! Alitu integrates with: Captivate, Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Spreaker, Transistor, Castos & PodBean.

Link your account and send your episodes to your host with one click. No need to leave Alitu. Everything under one roof.

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Schedule your episodes

Pre-recording? Smart. Schedule your episodes in bulk and have them go out on time, every time. Without leaving Alitu.

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Easy to understand statistics

Stats are handy, but all the numbers can get overwhelming. With Alitu, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to see things like: which episode had the best downloads, devices your listeners used to listen and more!

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I don't know how I would do my podcast without Alitu! After recording each episode, I am able to edit and upload it to my host in one sitting. It is a time and money saver.

Ruthenna Porterfield, Host of Meet My God

Make your episode

With 7 day trial & 30 day guarantee!

No crazy success tax.

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/ month

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/ month

Up to 100k downloads


/ month

Alitu works as our main publication platform, which is also a very useful hub for storage and metrics.

Joe, co-host of Bootleg Turkey

A free podcast website

Give your podcast a home on the internet

Set it up in less than a minute. Plus Alitu comes with your own, free www. address that you can point your listeners to.

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The best show notes

Every episode has a description. With Alitu’s editor, you can easily create great looking and interactive show notes. With links to your merch, social media or further reading.

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Embed your podcast on any website

With your unique embed code, you can insert your podcast on your personal blog or website! Our player is responsive too so it looks great on any mobile or tablet device!

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Alitu is the ultimate podcast production optimizer. It speeds up the entire workflow from editing your podcast to publishing on your favorite host.

Michael Vickers, Host of Becoming Preferred

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With 7 day trial & 30 day guarantee!

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