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Podcast Transcription

Turn your audio into words.

With AI-powered transcripts.

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Over 3,000 podcasters use Alitu to simplify podcasting

Accurate transcripts you can re-use

AI-powered, cutting-edge accuracy

A transcript is useless if it’s not actually accurate. That’s why we use the latest AI engine to transcribe your content. It picks up on punctuation, accents, who’s speaking and more!

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Write the best show notes

Use your transcript as a reference when creating show notes, highlight key points, resources mentioned, or timestamps for specific topics.

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Turn your podcast into content

Repurpose your audio as blog posts or social media content to reach even more people.

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Shoutout to Alitu support for helping us. We love the ease using Alitu to edit & now transcription!?! (hello) plus the people are wicked nice!

Dr. Deb Lindh, host of PTSD and Beyond

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With 7 day trial & 30 day guarantee!


Edit your audio like a text document

Select & remove the boring bits

Your guest getting off-topic? Need to cut down the length of your episode? In either case with text-based editing it’s easier then ever to leave just the right parts of audio.

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Find the best sound bites

Use Alitu’s search feature to find the best bits of audio and pull out sound bites with ease! Then use them for your social feeds or in show notes.

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Best of both worlds

Alitu combines the intuitive text-based editor with a simple waveform editor. You can use both to make sure your audio sounds as good as it can.

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Supported in 17 languages

Alitu will auto-detect English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch & Portuguese and can also understand:

Chinese, Finnish, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

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