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Brand it! with Petchy


Solveig Petch

Alitu cut Solveig's production time in half, in fact, she reckons she wouldn't have a pod at all without it.

Who are you (the host)?

I'm Solveig Petch [she/her], aka Petchy — a brand strategist and designer for values-driven business owners who want to build brands their way; without compromising their integrity or resorting to predatory business tactics.

I believe that building an impactful and profitable brand can be done without screwing people over or working yourself into a pulp.From my home office in rural Norway, I craft strategic brand identities for clients all over the world. I never felt at home in the corporate world. On the outside I was the textbook example of a “good girl” – always seeking approval. But inside, I was exhausted by the constant struggle to fit into society’s (rather narrow!) expectation of what it looks like to be “professional” – I never understood why I couldn’t just be me. When I set out on my solo business journey in 2016, I knew I wanted to do it my way.Even so, it took me a good couple of years to stop feeling like I should try to squeeze back into the corporate pigeon hole.

The online business sphere is chock full of self-proclaimed gurus, each claiming that their way is the only way – and the vast majority of brand strategists seem to be cocky dudes in suits, many without formal education in the field, who rely more on “fancy jargon” than real experience. No wonder so many of us feel like we’re “doing it wrong”! Well, I call bs. I’m done with corporate schmorporate, and I’m done undermining my values and beliefs in an attempt to fit in — which is why I've made it my mission to help business owners discover and define their brands’ unique purpose and personality, find the confidence to own their sh*t, and tap into their uniqueness to spark meaningful connections and attract more of those omg, yes! clients.

What made you start your podcast?

I wanted to prove to myself that I could, and I also wanted to prove to the world that I could — my podcast is a way of finding my voice and curating my thought-leadership, but also it's a fantastic way to connect with the most awesome human beings. I'm picky about who to invite on as a guest, so every conversation is a true eye opener — hopefully not just to me, but also to my listeners.

The world of online business needs to change. Enough of the hustle culture, and brands whose values are merely a facade, we can do better. We must do better.

Sharing my thoughts on the current status + the future of branding and business, is my small contribution.My podcast might not be big and famous, but I hope it will contribute to a ripple effect of good in the world.

How has Alitu helped you?

Honestly: if it wasn’t for Alitu, I doubt my podcast would ever have seen the insides of anyone's ear canals. It takes away the hurdle of wrestling with tech and has cut the time I spend on editing in half — at LEAST. It's just so intuitive and easy, I keep recommending it to people who are on the fence about starting their own podcast.

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Why should we all listen? ❤️

I believe strategic branding shouldn't be complicated. On Brand it! with Petchy, I demystify branding, and show my listeners that brand strategy isn’t just for 7-figure celebrity entrepreneurs or massive multi-national brands. It’s for them too!

Every other week, I talk all things branding & strategic design, with a sprinkling of entrepreneurship – in a mix of solo episodes and interviews with carefully curated guests.I’m firmly on team #keepingitreal, and I don’t shy away from sharing the reality of running a business.

That sure got us convinced! Click here to listen:

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