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Briden Farm Podcast


Brian Hurlburt

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is what sparked Brian's love and awe for nature. His mom used to read the book to him and now he's giving back by sharing this timeless and wonderful story with his listeners.

With Alitu deeply ingrained in his editing and publishing process, he plans to spread awareness of nature, our planet and regenerative farming.

Who are you (the host)?

Brian Hurlburt from Briden Farm Podcasting is relearning the Podcasting Sphere. Brian was a Podcaster, promoting his hometown of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, about 20 years ago! Then he got away from it, to begin a new in 2022.

After having started Briden Farm in 2020, and having a forty plus year track record in sales, marketing, and online marketing and social networking, Brian not only wanted to create a self sustaining farming homestead, but also wanted to capture the journey online.

To help accomplish this, Brian created the website, and online social presence, which has grown to include the Briden Farm LiveJournal and Briden Farm Podcasting. Brian loves Alitu, and is using it to help find his true voice in the Podcasting Community.

What made you start your podcast?

Kind of answered this in the first question, but beyond that to help others, like us, new to Homesteading and Farming who are living their dreams, but may need help and entertainment along the way!

How has Alitu helped you?

Editing, hosting, and hopefully once your mobile app is ready, recording.

Let Alitu do the heavy lifting for you.

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Why should we all listen? ❤️

Podcasting about our Homesteading Farm, located on the banks of the West Branch, overlooking the Head of the Tide, in Bear River, Nova Scotia, where the tea is always on and the coffee is not far behind! Come, Embrace, The Fun… At Briden Farm…

That sure got us convinced! Click here to listen:

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