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James and Lianne

James and Lianne didn't want to be spending money on a tonne of different subscriptions and love that they can invite their guests to record with just a simple link. Alitu as an all-in-one was the perfect choice.

Who are you (the host)?

James and Lianne are a powerlifter and weightlifter based in Southampton. They have been engaged for nearly 2 years after having met at university and bonding over their shared passion of lifting weights. James is a multi-international champion in powerlifting, Lianne is moving through the ranks of British Weightlifting and is a Level 2 weightlifting coach.

What made you start your podcast?

We wanted to bring a more realistic and fun narrative of what going to the gym is actually like. We love going to the gym as it brings us closer together, helps us make new friends and feel happier. However, a lot of the industry is focussed on aesthetics and sets unachievable goals. We felt that by starting our podcast we could flip that narrative on its head by being open and honest about our experiences, all whilst bringing a smile to people’s faces.

How has Alitu helped you?

Our podcast wouldn’t be possible without Alitu. We use it for absolutely everything - recording audio, inviting guests, editing and publishing the finished product. It is so easy to use and we would never consider using anything else!

Let Alitu do the heavy lifting for you.

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Why should we all listen? ❤️

Our podcast is about life, relationships, lifting and everything in between. We discuss the ups and downs of lifting weights, balancing careers, life and working out, as well as our relationship. All whilst sprinkling in our own brand of sarcasm, humour and silliness. Our podcast is for anyone who likes working out, being silly or wants a fresh and humorous view on going to the gym that is different to the industry rhetoric of eating chicken, broccoli and rice and looking shredded.

That sure got us convinced! Click here to listen:

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