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PTSD and Beyond


Dr. Deb Lindh

Dr Deb has found that Alitu takes the stress out of producing her podcast and loves how easy it is to drag and drop all her components.

Who are you (the host)?

The PTSD and Beyond Podcast is for people affected by C/PTSD. Lived-experience PTSD Warrior, Dr. Deb Lindh, brings guests such as NY Times Best-Selling Authors Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Dan Siegel (no relation) as well as peers who share their healing journey story. We provide an educational source for insights into PTSD, trauma, healing, recovery, and beyond!

What made you start your podcast?

This answer is part of my story. I didn't talk until I was 3 years old. My childhood trauma resulted in my voice not being heard. Years into my healing journey, I met many special people. One very special person inspired me to find different ways to have voice be heard and expand the peer-support work I had done on a global scale. For over 5 years, I held peer-support groups and creating a podcast seemed to be the next natural part of this healing journey. They say when you help heal others you heal yourself. I'm honoured to host and have guests share their story, their healing journey and for listeners to connect and feel like they're not alone - that someone gets them. voice is heard too! Warrior Spirit Voice!

How has Alitu helped you?

You guys make it so easy! The editing process is very easy to do because of Alitu! Uploading, all the components from Intro-teaser-editing-outro-upload. Alitu takes the stress out of the operations of podcasting. It makes it fun! Plus I think the people are cool too! It's nice to work with nice people.

Let Alitu do the heavy lifting for you.

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Why should we all listen? ❤️

The PTSD and Beyond where we give you insights into PTSD, trauma, healing, recovery, and beyond! In each episode, we have a conversation with an inspiring guest who will stimulate your mind, touch your heart, connect with your spirit, and give you a greater understanding of yourself and others on this healing and recovery journey. Hopefully, we’ll also provide insights into possibilities, meaning, purpose, and hope. We got a few nods: 2022 & 2023 25 Best PTSD Podcasts to Listen to from Feedspot, Under the Radar by Podcast Magazine, and Top 1000 Global Podcast for Health & Fitness, Heard in 100+ Countries. We're pretty proud of our 100% organic community and as we always say...take what resonates and go BEYOND!

That sure got us convinced! Click here to listen:

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