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Sevo Sistas


Elisha Peterson MD

With the busy workload of a practicing anaesthesiologist and a strong conviction to spread the message of her professional field for an underrepresented community Elisha took to Alitu to launch her show Sevo Sistas.

Mentioning her need for efficiency, Elisha said, "I don't have time to sit and try to learn [a new software] to edit and cut out mistakes... I need something simple and straightforward. With Alitu, I can directly record in the software and then I can subsequently edit."

Who are you (the host)?

Elisha Peterson MD MEd is a black woman anesthesiologist who created Sevo Sistas for women of color who are curious about, interested in, or practicing in the field of anesthesia.

What made you start your podcast?

Because as a black woman in a predominately male dominated field, I did not see myself represented. Many of the educational outlets had "manels"- panels of all white men talking about the field. Their perspective differed greatly from my own and I felt ostracized in the very field I was attracted to. Sevo sistas is a platform that shows you-you belong! Our perspectives matters- our advice is tailored to our experience.

How has Alitu helped you?

By making it easy to record, edit, and publish.

Let Alitu do the heavy lifting for you.

Spend less time producing, more time growing your audience

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Why should we all listen? ❤️

Sevo sistas are for woman of color who are curious about, interested in, or practicing in the field of anesthesiology. The podcast will de mystify the field and provide support and tips for success in the field and beyond.

That sure got us convinced! Click here to listen:

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